Marine structures stability & hydrodynamics analysis software



Contemporary naval architectural design has to be based on coupled hydro-structural analysis. One should always remember the fact that floating structures are dynamic systems excited by the stochastic environmental forces. It is irrational to design ships without addressing their seakeeping. Structural rule-based design is fine, if the project at hand is within the rule bounds. Still, in order to asses safety margins one should perform direct strength calculations (including springing and whipping).

ADRIANA Waves is an engineering tool designed to address those issues. It is a marine hydrodynamics solver incorporating state-of-the-art models for wave-structure interaction including modeling of both 2D and 3D problems in either deep or shallow water, forward speed effects, coupling of sloshing with ship motions, hydroelasticity, water entry/exit, consistent pressure transfer from hydrodynamic to structural mesh, spectral short-term and long-term post-processing.

ADRIANA Stability

Stability of floating structures is at the focus of every naval architect. It is a well established body of knowledge and experience is vast. It is a safety issue and rules are very stringent in terms of stability calculation procedures. Still, we felt that some things are not properly addressed and a need to have a tool to couple it with other software products we develop. One of the focus areas are on-board stability and loading computers coupled with a range of sensors (the "big data" stuff).

ADRIANA Stability is an engineering tool designed to address those specific issues. One can perform all the calculations required for the Trim and Stability Booklet including both intact and damage stability (both probabilistic approach and direct calculations, hence the coupling with ADRIANA Waves), asses dynamic stability in terms of safety basins or use it as an on-board stability and loading computer.

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