Marine structures stability & hydrodynamics analysis software

Stormy seas are a challenge both to marine structures and operations at sea. ADRIANA Marine is designed to rationally solve those challenges.

Everybody in marine industry today talks about digitalization and smart shipping. ADRIANA Marine is designed with Internet of Things in mind.

Engineering designs are no longer exclusively rule-based. Thinking outside the box wins tenders. ADRIANA Marine is easily customized to new ideas.

Safety is paramount in marine industry and there should be no compromise in assessing it. ADRIANA Marine is designed with safety at sea in mind.

Rational marine structures should be designed based on hydroelasticity. ADRIANA Marine is designed as a state of the art hydro-structural solver.

ADRIANA Marine is designed as a state-of-the-art free surface naval hydrodynamics solver developed in order to support the engineering of naval architecture projects by reliable and realitvely fast numerical calculations of hydrostatic (ADRIANA Stability) and the hydrodynamic (ADRIANA Waves) loads and respective rigid/elastic responses of the general marine structures (aquaculture cages, floating breakwaters, pontoons, yachts, ships, semi-submersibles, TLPs, FPSOs, SPARs, FLNGs, FSRUs, FOWTs, WECs).

ADRIANA Marine is a modular object oriented software written in C++, enabling naval architects and marine engineers to streamline their designs, ship owners to reduce the operational costs and maritime authorities to rationally assess the safety margins of marine structures. It can be readily used as an API in all those applications where an advance hydrodynamics solver is needed as a component of an IoT system (on-board loading computer, weather routing, motion compensation, motion compensated cranes, deck machinery).

ADRIANA Marine is designed as a solver for complex engineering projects involving quasi-static and dynamic stability analysis, stability in damaged condition, flooding analysis, multibody interactions, coupling of seakeeping either with sloshing, maneuvering or with a range of mooring systems, heavylifting, passive and active motion compensation, influence of bathymetry and side walls on loading and motions, direct strength calculations (quasi-static and hydroelastic) in terms of both ULS and FLS, thus enabling rational ship designs.

ADRIANA Marine can be used in the planning stage of complex marine operations to rationally asses different workability/down-time scenarios, giving operators an integrated simulation tool which can be used to either to fully utilize available vessels or to make alterations in the marine operation procedures. Additionally, such a tool can be used to interface hydrodynamic and structural analysis of marine structures enabling rational designs based on consistent direct strength calculations and respective ULS and FLS analyses.